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At Pittsford Paving, our team of friendly, dependable experts is ready to help you tackle any project you may have in mind. We have been serving the greater Rochester, NY area for over 50 years, and you will see those years of experience come through in our customer service and results. From paving driveways to backyard patios, we are dedicated to giving you the timely, professional service you deserve while also delivering the highest quality product. Whether you need residential or commercial paving in Rochester, NY, we’re the team to call!

Paving & Beyond


Your driveway is your home’s first impression. It is also one of the most used and practical products you will ever own. While people think of driveways in generic terms, in fact they are often complicated construction jobs that involve many factors, such as correct sizing, drainage issues, peripheral items (sidewalks, garage floors, landscaping, etc), structural issues and aesthetic considerations.

We visit your site and do a thorough estimate that reflects the complexity or simplicity of your specific job, that includes verbal explanation (on site or via telephone) as well as a detailed written estimate.

Asphalt Sealing

Your home is one of the most significant investments you will ever make, so it makes sense to protect it. Sealing your driveway will help protect your pavement from many day-to-day elements, including oils, vehicle fluids, UV damage from the sun, as well as keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

Hardscape Sidewalks & Patios

Besides the aesthetic and practical value of hardscaping around your home, it is often advisable to complete these types of projects together with a driveway installation. There are usually cost savings, time savings, and often unforeseen problems that can be avoided when these jobs are done together, such as elevation and drainage issues, damage to landscaping and lawn areas, etc.


Paving generally involves excavating and therefore we do a variety of excavating work even when no paving is required, such as installing stone driveways and parking areas, grading existing stone areas, landscaping work, drainage work, and more.

Commercial Site Work

Are you looking for a trusted, local contractor to take care of site work for your next project? Trust Pittsford Paving to take care of everything from surveying, grading, excavating, and paving work for your site. Commercial paving in Rochester, NY is only one call away.

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