Installing a new driveway is a great way to instantly boost curb appeal, increase property value, and create a more functional driveway. Understanding everything there is to know before hiring a crew to install a new driveway is essential. Here are a few things you should ask during the estimate.

1. What Services Do You Offer?

Finding a contractor that offers various services is ideal. The company providing an estimate can lay an asphalt driveway and offers sealcoating services. Maintenance services are also excellent because your driveway is bound to need maintenance as the years pass.

2. Is There a Warranty on the Driveway?

A reputable company won’t mind offering a warranty. For example, if it’s clear that the local sealcoating services did not prevent water damage as they should have, the business should be willing to fix the damage and apply a new sealcoat. The same applies to asphalt not being laid correctly or any other mistakes.

3. Do You Have Liability Insurance?

Laying a driveway requires the use of heavy equipment and machinery. When this equipment is used near landscaping or personal property, there is always a risk of damage. Liability insurance will cover the cost of damage to ensure that you don’t have to pay for it. Make sure to verify a company’s insurance before hiring them.

4. How Long Will the Service Take?

It’s essential to have a timeline for the complete project. Ask how long the driveway project will take from start to finish. This includes the time that it takes for asphalt to dry. According to Cohesive Homes, you should wait about two to three days for the asphalt to dry before using it. You should also inquire about how long it will be before you can use the driveway after local sealcoating services.

5. Do I Need to Apply for Permits?

Specific jobs require permits before starting, and others don’t. This often depends on the regulations in your city. Local companies can inform you about any permits you’ll need. They will also let you know if you must get them or if the company will do that for you.

6. Will There Be Additional Costs?

Most driveway estimates are only estimates for the driveway itself. Other services will cost more. For example, an asphalt driveway estimate usually only covers the driveway. Local sealcoating services after the driveway is laid will cost more.

We’re also happy to answer your questions and are transparent about pricing. Contact Pittsford Paving Inc when you’re ready for a new driveway.